Why wheat is suddenly bad for us now


In the meantime I have been trying for months to avoid as many ‘fast’ carbohydrates and therefore also wheat. They are bad for our health and the cause of many health problems. After not eating wheat and carbohydrates for just 2 months I already felt remarkably better. But humans have been eating wheat for hundreds and maybe even thousands of years and many of the diseases caused by wheat and carbohydrates did not yet exist, so how is that possible?

The industrial revolution

Of course the industrial revolution was a good thing. It has changed our lives forever in the positive sense. But as a famous football player would say … “every advantage has its disadvantage”. Because of that industrial revolution, we are now able to process huge quantities of refined wheat, which does not benefit the quality of our wheat.

In addition, the food industry has become highly skilled in separating food components. Wheat bran and germ are separated from the endosperm, where most starchy carbohydrates are included. This reduces the nutritional value of grain and it is precisely this that causes our blood sugar to peak after eating wheat.

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Original wheat

People are gradually beginning to realize that we may be causing the diseases ourselves by processing everything that nature gives us. And especially the grains (and therefore wheat) have been taken. More and more people are switching to ancient grains … yes they are still there! One of the most popular at the moment is ‘Spelled’. It has become so popular that almost all the spelled from the previous harvest have been used up. You also have Emmer and Kamut. Usually available in organic stores or even at the mill … yes … do you want real artisanal milled wheat? Then you can go to a mill. For example Molen ‘t Lam in Woudsend .

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This ancient wheat has much less bad influence on your blood sugar because it releases the nutrients more evenly. The nutritional value is also many times higher than the ‘new’ wheat. Research shows that the zinc, copper, iron and magnesium content in wheat between 1968 and 2005 was about 19-28% lower than in the period 1845 – 1967. Source

But we mess up even more!

Because we are busy today and the bakeries have to produce huge quantities of bread quickly to meet the demand. People also want to make a choice and that is why the baker has to bake all kinds of breads. The pressure is high and to relieve the pressure a bit, the bakers have thought that the production process would have to be speeded up … and so it happened. We can choose …

So the baker uses a yeast that rises much faster and the flour is bleached or burned to meet the aesthetic requirements that we as a consumer place on our bread. If you bleach it, the bread becomes less dull in color, if you burn it you get … exactly … brown bread🙂

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So is bread unhealthy?

That depends on what kind of bread you eat. Bread made from ancient wheat is much healthier than bread from ‘the new’ wheat. You can buy Spelt bread in particular in more and more stores, but beware! Recent research has shown that some spelled breads still consisted of 80% ‘new wheat’! Not surprising now that you know that we have almost run out of our spelled stock, so you can wonder to what extent you are actually eating spelled bread right now.

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