28 Women Summer Hairstyles for Brunettes


Darker shade of brown might sound sort of a typical hair color. However, you’ll definitely make such colored hair look more interesting with few tweaks in styling. The few styles that are getting to be explained are suitable for fun summertime. The first style is shoulder length hair with middle parting. This style is certainly giving chic and no-care attitudes. It frames the face nicely. However, it still looks fresh and not crowding your face at all.

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Side braid is additionally another interesting choice for brunette during summertime. It also has the uncaring but chic vibe that the previous style has. However, it indeed looks like you are putting on some efforts about your hairdo. When doing the braid, it is suggested to leave out few strands to contribute to the messy look. This style is suitable for casual summer setting. It is able to mellow out any kind of fashion style.

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Another style worth mentioning is braided pigtails. The hair is divided equally into two parts. After that, a braid is formed starting from the top on both sides of the head. It is suitable for people who love doing rigorous activities during summer since it makes sure that your hair will not get in the way.

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