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I don’t know about you guys but the 100th day of school sneaks up on me every year and before I know it my kids need a t-shirt with 100 things stuck to it. Luckily, Darice is here to avoid wasting the day (and moms’ sanity!) There area unit loads of a hundred days of faculty shirt ideas out there, some of them super easy and others extremely involved. I’m going to give you some really basic ideas using Darice stickers on themed t-shirts you can make with your kids that won’t give you a headache or break the bank!

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The 100th day of school marks a 100 days of accomplishments and milestones. In our home it’s a highly anticipated day and always full of excitement. The children look forward to creating and designing their own 100 days t-shirt. From gum machines to googley eyes to tally marks here area unit The eleven Best a hundred Days of faculty Shirt ideas.

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Most schools require the kids to either dress like an 100 yr old or do a project. Our kids’ school does the projects and send home ideas like counting out a 100 pennies and sending them in, making a log house out of 100 pretzel rods, etc.

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