23 Best 100th Day of School Projects and Activities

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100th day of school projects and activities can be difficult to come up with. That is why we are providing a list of possible 100th day of school projects and activities that you can do with your students. We do not quite have a list of one hundred 100th day of school projects and activities, but we have enough to start giving you some good ideas!

Have your kids create an art project using 100 items – the can glue 100 hundred flowers to a piece of poster board, sew 100 sequins onto a t-shirt, or whatever they want to do. There are many possibilities of different 100th day of school projects and activities. You just need to be creative. You can even have your students help you come up with different, fun 100th day of school projects and activities.

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Guess what? Today is formally very little Crafter’s a centesimal day of school! To celebrate, his academics asked all the scholars to form a special shirt. The only demand was that it had to possess a hundred of one thing thereon. If you follow all the fun we have over on the One Artsy Mama Facebook page, you probably saw or maybe even participated in the big brainstorming session we had over there. There were such a large amount of fabulous ideas I reasonably all over up desperate to build over one shirt therefore I may attempt all out! I had a couple of favorites in mind, like Olaf with one hundred snowflakes especially, however i made a decision since it absolutely was LC’s shirt to let him select his favorite plan and make it however he wanted.

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