16 Cute Summer Casual Outfits and Accessories

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Ready to see 32 Casual Chic Cute Outfits For This Summer?

Surely a robust point of a winning look is to form the wearer feel comfortable and casual looks are without a doubt the foremost fashionable and cozy at the same time.

A casual-chic style is a way to combine a classic outfit with a glamorous and refined style. We can say that it is a very acclaimed style all over the world: a combination of fashion and casual.

But where does this kind of outfits come from?
We can tell you about many famous actresses or models who have made it a real must, but the truth is that it comes from the street.

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Let’s think of Jennifer Lopez from the ’90s, very popular and beloved, J. Lo she who said she came from the Bronx but who dressed with casual and sporty elements and with designer clothes that matched the first ones.

In fact, casual is born from the street, from young people, from different worlds that combine. So, after the Second World War, young people intrigued by new musical fashions, new ideas, began to make fashion, to go to the streets with jeans and branded shoes.

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Surely it’s a style appreciated also for a matter of comfort: it gives the possibility to be fashionable but always taking comfort into account.

A style that is elegant, chic, but at the same time has sporty and casual tones.

You will have seen already looks where bomber jackets or oversize sweatshirts are worn. Usually, they are combined with an elegant shirt or sweater in a real classic style and combined with elegant trousers and beautiful heeled shoes.

It’s a practical style that doesn’t need you to have a perfect body, just that you want to express your whole personality.

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The casual-chic woman is a woman of character, a woman who has a lot to say: a woman who works or studies and wants to realize herself; a woman who looks good with a 12 heel but does not disdain a pair of sneakers.

The casual-chic woman has a determined personality and knows how to choose.

So now, to help you find your perfect cute casual-chic outfit, I’ll show some accessories from my shop LuxeFashionBlog.com that perfectly match with the cute outfits I found for you 😘
Enjoy it!