15 Minimalist Outfit Ideas Perfect for Summer

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In my own personal style journey (Yes, it’s a thing!) I’ve floated between wanting every wild item of clothing on the planet and trying to pare down to just the essentials. While I definitely tend to lean toward the maximalist side in how I dress, oftentimes I like to dress up in cute and simple ensembles as well. When it involves finding my simple side, though, I felt i used to be lacking in minimalist summer outfit ideas. I mean, what percentage times could I wear my favorite cropped jeans and a clear black tee? Luckily, the street style gods and Instagram influencers have smiled down upon me, and I found so many minimalist outfit ideas to try and recreate myself this summer—plus ways to shop! Them! All!

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Minimalism is definitely a concept I’ve never really been good at understanding, but when it comes to fashion, there’s no denying how sleek a simple, minimalist outfit can look. Whether you were all-white everything or mix neutrals to create a stylish ensemble, you really can’t go wrong with a minimalist outfit. When the weather is hot, though, it can be harder to find options that will keep you cool without looking like you’re wearing the exact same thing every day. (Maybe true minimalists don’t care about this, but I’m weak, I guess.) I wanted a full arsenal of minimalist outfit ideas to try this summer. So, I went out a found it.

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Below are 15 different minimalist summer outfit ideas sure to inspire you to keep things simple this season—without sacrificing any style. And, if you’re feeling like spicing things up, most of these ensembles can be easily maximized with some bright and fun summer accessories. Consider this your baseline for all things summer outfits.