13 Summer Hairstyles With Headscarves

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Summer is in full swing, which means flowy fabrics and bright colours—these don’t have to just be about your clothes, though. Headscarves are the last word summer hair accessory since bobby pins. Wearing a headband may be a good way to hide any greasy, sweaty roots on hot days, or incorporating a gorgeous , brightly coloured, delicate silk or chiffon scarf into your summer hairstyle can take it from drab to fab. We’ve teamed up with our friends Jordan and Kassinka in the week to bring you beautiful summer hairstyles which all incorporate headscarves.

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In the video above, Jordan wears her Classic 160g Natural Red Luxy Hair extensions. In the tutorials below, Kassinka uses her Seamless Blonde Balayage Luxies.

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In order to ensure that your headscarf blends in beautifully with your hairstyle, we recommend to choose a lightweight, smooth fabric. 100% silk is opulent and straightforward to figure with, while satin headscarves have a gorgeous sheen and are available during a sort of colors. These fabrics are also thin, delicate and smooth, so they can glide and weave into your hair with minimal damage. We recommend to steer faraway from heavier fabrics like cotton, as they will create friction on the hair, resulting in static and frizziness or maybe cuticle damage.